Office Of The Mayor

The City of Streetsboro is continuing to move forward. Some time ago we began discussions on the replacement of City Hall and the Fire Station. Many ideas and plans were discussed. We have also had a continuing call for a Community/Recreation Center. At the June 12th Council meeting the plan was unveiled. With your support, we are going to build a new City Center Complex on the property where the current City Hall and Fire Station are located. Some additional land adjacent to our property will also be utilized. The passage of this levy will enable us to move forward with a Community/Recreation Center, a new Fire Station, and a new City Hall located within a planned medical office building. This project will completely transform the center of our city.  We are graciously asking for your support. 

                Council voted on June 26th to forward an initiative to the November ballot.  The initiative will consist of a 5 mill Levy to fund the Parks and Recreation Department in addition to funding the Community/Recreation Center, you will see immediate improvements to our Parks system. Some of the improvements include, a rebuilding of our baseball fields, walking paths, playground improvements and much, much more.

                The Fire Station will be funded by utilizing monies that will become available upon the retirement of the bond that was taken out to build the Police Station. The City Hall funding portion is still being discussed.  We have a few options but feel that by being part of the medical office building will decrease our costs substantially and keep the project moving forward. I am confident that all of our citizens will be pleased with the results!

                This project is another part of our efforts to continue to help the City evolve in to a great place to live, work, and play. We have obtained over $35,000,000 in grant funding to improve our roads and infrastructure. Our new high school was completed in December and Middle School remodeling is under construction. Our quest is to make our City a shining example of what can be when we all work together. The citizens of Streetsboro are some of the most caring and generous people that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. All of these projects are richly deserved and will help to make our City even better.

        Mayor Glenn M. Broska