Update on City Projects

Just a short update on the projects.

I was out at the 303 West Project (pictures below). They are moving as quickly as they can. They had some set backs that cost them a few days but they are still targeting August 15 as a completion date.

The bowl portion of that project will resume once the culvert portion is complete. There was a designed delay in that project for the area to settle and the good news is that it quit settling about 2 weeks ago, that’s a good sign.

The RR track portion of the project is complete, when 303 reopens you will notice a very smooth RR crossing!

The city paving project is in its final stages and should be complete very soon.

The Frost Rd/Philip Pkwy area is still on schedule for Sept 30 completion.

The Frost and 43 project will have its final asphalt scheduled on August 24th. They are still waiting on some items to complete. Of note, the contractor has asked to be allowed to pave overnight from Friday to Saturday morning. I know this is not desirable but it really is necessary. They requested it from a time standpoint. If they do it during the day it will take 2-3 days to complete. If we allow them to do it overnight on Friday, it will be complete in one night. They cited the amount of traffic especially commercial traffic during the day that would cause the delays. It is not the most optimal due to our residents being in the adjacent area but it would only be one night of disruption versus 3 days of disruption. All adjacent residents will be notified at least 48 hours in advance and we ask for your understanding. They did request it for a Friday night so as to not disrupt most peoples sleep on a work night.

Below are some pictures from the culvert project. You’ll see in one of them the old culvert that was almost completely full of debris, they estimated this culvert was at less than 5% of capacity. As we have said before, this project will not completely stop the flooding in that area but should contribute to lessening the frequency and duration of the flooding.