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2018 Brush Pick Up

Brush Pick up begins Monday April 30th. Our service department will make two rounds through the city.  Please Contact Terri at 330-626-2856 with any questions

Detail :

Spring pick up begins April 30th.  
Fall pick up is usually the last week in September

Tree limbs can be as large as 10” in diameter but no more than 8’ to 10’ long.
Chipping crews will spend a maximum of one half hour chipping at each residence.
Brush will be picked up from developed lots only. The chipping program was designed to help residents who wish to trim trees and shrubs.

If a commercial contractor is hired to trim your trees, it is then the responsibility of the contractor for removal of your brush.
Brush containing foreign objects will NOT be collected. Grass, weeds, trash, stumps, rocks, lumber, logs, firewood, and leaves cannot be mixed with the brush piles.
Please place brush on the lawn close to the roads edge, with the cut end facing the road. Having the correct placement will assist the crews in efficiently collecting the brush.

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